Fisheries Magazine – February 2015


POLICY Roles for Everyone by Thomas E. Bigford VOTE Candidate Statements: AFS Second Vice President • Dale P. Burkett • Jesse Trushenski JOURNAL SUMMARIES   • Diet Shifts Detected in Sandbar Sharks Using a Nonlethal Technique by Sarah Harrison • Cast Nets are Useful Sampling Tools, and You Should Try One by Jeff Schaeffer FEATURES AND ESSAYS • A Historical Record of Sawfish in the Southern Gulf of Mexico: Evidence of Diversity Loss Using Old Photos by Manuel Mendoza-Carranza and Alejandro Espinoza-Tenorio • Learning to Manage and Managing to Learn: Sustaining Freshwater Recreational Fisheries in a Changing Environment º Spanish Abstract by Gretchen J. A. Hansen, Jereme W. Gaeta, Jonathan […]

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