Current activities and news from the MFS President or MFS Members are posted in chronological order as they are received:

Posting Date Contact Person Item or Event Attached Document(s)
24 Nov 2015 Cynthia Oboh, Educational Program Coordinator, American Fisheries Society The Hutton Junior Fisheries Biology Program of the American Fisheries Society Hutton Scholars
24 Oct 2014 Ben Walther Please see attached pdf to view a vertebrate ecology faculty position at UNCW. Please pass along to any interested candidates. Vert_Biol_advertisement
16 Oct 2014 Ben Walther Please see attached pdf for a call for nominations to NOAA Marine Fisheries Advisory Committee task forces on aquaculture and climate and marine resources. If you are interested in being nominated, or can suggest another appropriate person, please let me know. I am compiling a list of names to relay to Doug Austen. Call_for_MAFAC_Task_Forces